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Any Experience with EIB / KNX ?

#1 Oct. 23, 2015 00:16:01 by klausreichenecker2

Any Experience with EIB / KNX ?

I have a installation with many lights (about 20) , it´s a KNX Bus installation.
As it´s a total mess with so many light switches, i thought about installing a tablet wit NetIO additionally to the switches.

I never did something with KNX before, my stupid thinking was the electrician installs a KNX IP Gateway, i have the ip adress and “some commands” for each switch/ light.

But the further i go into details, it doesn´t look that simple…
People say, i need a small server, having a special program that takes care about the bus protocol…

What are your experiences?

Is there something like a gateway i could send for example “ip/gateway/set_light1_on” or “ip/gateway/light1_status”

My goal would be not to have any additional servers, but i think NetIO can´t handle any checksum things?

As it´s a professional installation, i don´t want to have any self-built rasberrys or such things.

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#2 Oct. 30, 2015 12:52:55 by david.eickhoff

Any Experience with EIB / KNX ?

NetIO can only access basic TCP / UDP or HTTP interfaces.. so if you don't want to build anything by your own, the interface should be there already. I cannot help finding this server that provides such an interface but if you have anything we can check how we could access it with netio.

make sure the interface is not too complicated (for example thinks with authentication or checksums)