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Light control with Arduino

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Guess fashion worn by LED strips and bulbs Philips HUE (and its recent announcement of its strip of LEDs) the idea of preparing this show. Using an Arduino Ethernet Shield UNO and we will control RGB LED strip that displays the selected colors in our mobile phone. Do not have an API as the product of Philips but we schedule anything you can think of in our Arduino. Lights, Camera, ...


As I said, it is a home installation with which we will try to mimic the operation of the product from Philips. It is true that the application of the bulbs Hue incorporates many more features but this can be a good start. Along with the power supply, and the Arduino Ethernet Shield which is properly connected by network, our setup allows us to choose the color and mode of operation from our mobile or tablet application NETIO. The transition between the colors will gradually. Although there are plenty of manufacturers of LED strips, I focus on a meter RGB strip Manufacturer Pololu, which are the ones I found in a drawer in home…

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