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HomeVision Control

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The HomeVision NetIO Server provides an interface between the NetIO application and the HomeVision/HomeVision-Pro home automation controllers.


The HomeVision/HomeVision-Pro home automation controllers are stand-alone hardware devices that provide automation control of X-10, infrared devices, thermostats, hard-wired inputs and outputs, etc.

While availability of the HomeVision family of hardware has been discontinued, there is a strong community of users, and active software support via HomeVisionXL.

HomeVisionXL is a cross-platform (Linux/Windows//Mac) PC-based tool for developing schedules for the HomeVision controller. The program is used to load automation schedules into the HomeVision controller, as well as for monitoring and controlling the unit while it is executing the schedule. New enhancements can be provided by “plug-ins” which are easily integrated into the HomeVisionXL environment.

The HomeVision NetIO Server is one such plug-in. The NetIO Server plug-in provides the server-side TCP socket for the NetIO application. Special commands sent by the NetIO application (via the app's “sends”, “reads”, etc. properties) to the HomeVision NetIO Server are parsed and translated into “action” commands that are sent to the HomeVision controller, or into status requests which send back various types of status information for display by the NetIO application.

Using these commands, the user can then customize the NetIO application to provide portable custom control and monitoring of the user's home automation system.