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Yacht/Car Protecion (Control & Monitoring System)

Project Information

  • Created Jan. 28, 2017
Netio working with Raspberry. Purpose Car & Yacht Control & Monitoring System


The screenstream presents my remote Boat Montoring & Control System linked to a yacht being anchored in a German port momentarily.
Major requirements were a full remote control (of actors) - integrated with Alarm functionality to prevent from (boat) theft or any other unauthorized access e.g depredations.
Camera streaming (picture surveillance with motion detection) is integrated. Pictures / streams will be sent to the owner in case of unauthorized Motion Alarm.

Data Connection (e.g. for full boat control) is bidirectional via TCP (G3/G4) networks and/or via SMS (GSM) network by choice. SMS is also enabled full boat control (actors such as Relais, PWM, H-Bridges, …)

The presented datastream link using LTE connectivity is opened by an Android Samsung S5 and is responded by a listening server boatside via a Cloud server in the Internet.

The server boatside controls all boat functionalities such as engine(s), lights, heating - any other devices are possible (actor functionality). Use cases are unlimited due to full IoT connetivity & functionality. Numerous Interfaces for Active Boat Control are integrated or extendable.

Monitoring of temperature, voltage, humidity, …, bilge, (any other telemetric/sensor functionality) is built in or is supported by sensor interfaces.

In addition a GPS Receiver connected lets the server transmit the
nautic postion of the boat periodically (minimum once a scond) to the boat owner.

Position of the boat can be locked virtually such as when the boat is exceeding an alarm circle (e.g. 20 Meters). Any distance beyond will cause an continuous (silent) alarm. GPS Position of alarm is transmitted automatically via SMS or Mail to the boat owner (or security service).
Any postions of (unauthorized) boat movements are traced continuously and will be transmitted simultaneously to the owner via mail or other file transfer (e.g. FTP) for logging purposes.

The system can be used also for protecting and monitoring any other empty mobile or non-mobile objects (cars, hunting lodge, …, appartments, houses) against burglary or any other unauthorized access.

Remote Active Control is a standard functionally - also usable to control all kind of devices of your automated house (garage door opener, lights, jalousies, heating, pool, …).

Have fun!


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