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Firewall Setting

#1 Sept. 13, 2018 19:57:52 by ScadaSteve

Firewall Setting

Dear David, great product. Really interesting field.
My internet service provider SKY has changed my route. I saved my setting and reloaded in to my new router, everything else seems to work, except the NetIO when away from my Wifi. TYhe App works ok when in the WiFi. when on mobile data the app talks to the route, but the router / firewall seems to block any response. I have set it to use TCP. and tried the other settings to no avail.
Any suggestions.
I am running a Oneplus 5 Mobile
config id 15904

#2 Sept. 14, 2018 23:14:17 by Kalle

Firewall Setting

Hi scadaSteve,

I think you have to setup the port forwarding in your router - but only a guess.