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esp8266 without Arduino

#1 Nov. 28, 2015 11:47:55 by Lisergio

esp8266 without Arduino

I am using a esp8266 wireless module to activate 2 LED ( using GPIO0 and GPIO1 ).
i use http request for switching the LEDs and works fine. - Turn ON led 1 - Turn ON led 1 - Turn ON led 2 - Turn ON led 2

as I can send using the net application ?

i try using a switch and configure “on send” and “off send” but don't work..

#2 Dec. 3, 2015 16:44:12 by david.eickhoff

esp8266 without Arduino

make it /?pin=ON1 with a slash

or GET /?pin=ON1

#3 Dec. 5, 2015 22:50:32 by Lisergio

esp8266 without Arduino


#4 Feb. 10, 2016 11:45:25 by Wijnand

esp8266 without Arduino

Hi Lisergio,
We are very interested in your project. Do you use only ESP8266 or in combination with a micro controller? In our mobile robot project (with ATmega328) we want to use the ESP8266 as piggy back and make a remote control with NetIO App.
Thanks and regards…

#5 Feb. 13, 2016 15:33:57 by DomSa20

esp8266 without Arduino

Hi Lisergio,

would you mind posting the full Ardunio Sketch for the ESP8266 ?
Thanks Dominic