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#1 Sept. 18, 2014 21:55:08 by mertmercan


I've test udp hex.Working very well.Thanks..

#2 Oct. 2, 2018 15:32:20 by opmeyer


I would like to know how to send a UDP string. Is there a tutorial on this?
The reason I ask is that the documentation is great but there are some warnings coming up in the validation window (NetIO UI Designer).

I get a red thunderbolt and validation result text reads “Since UDP cannot guarantee the delivery of a command, UDP is only possible with an event-based connection.”

In response to the warning I added the “event based” attribute, also ticking the checkbox.

Now I get a red tick and validation result reads “An item on page ‘Welcome Page’ uses an event-based connection but does not define the parseResponse attribute to filter incoming data.

But I dont care about incoming data, I only want to send a UDP string to a Brightsign Media Player.

The UDP string that the Brightsign is ‘listening’ for is three characters ”N11“.

Following your ‘getting started’ text I successfully used the VerySimpleServer to print incoming strings from NETIO app. But the functionality of the VerySimpleServer was interrupted if the NETIO APP connection protocol attribute is set to ”UDP" so I assume the socket server that VerySimpleServer uses must not be compatible with UDP.

attachment Upload.jpg (145.9 KB)

#3 Oct. 4, 2018 21:31:56 by mcgiver0510



If you have an “eventBased” connection
you have to use a “fake” parseResponse to get rid of the error message.
But only for items that shouldn't receive anything.

like this :
parseResponse : __i_hope_this_never_matched__
formatResponse : {0}

i hope this helps…