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Is there a trial or demo version available?

No there is no trail or demo version. You need to trust store ratings and reviews.

Don't know if the app works with your project?

  • if you plan to use a socket connection, try to connect with telnet or netcat and test commands and functionality - the app does the same (sending strings through a socket connection).
  • if you plan to use http requests, check if all functions can be called through typing the commands in your browser (for example http://myboard:8000/temperature?value=100 )

I want to edit items on the devices instead of the UI-Designer!

If you take a look at the Online UI-Designer you will see that editing in the browser with a mouse is much more comfortable than trying to move items around on a small screen. You can also copy/paste items and reuse them in different pages. For example the Vol+ and Vol- or the up/down/right/left cross can be copied to another page easily. Another thing is the reusability on different smartphones or applications like the OSX Dashboard Widget. Further, you can backup your configurations easily by downloading them. Also, the online designer can be updated from our site without updating the apps.

Can the UI-Designer be used offline?

No it is not available for offline usage. If you don't trust the online storage, just hit the 'download' button everytime you made changes. This way you backup your configuration on your local machine. And in the case of a server crash, you can still edit the file in a texteditor and copy it to your device manually. (iTunes Filesharing or copy to sd-card).

The UI-Designer is acting weird, things don't work like expected!

Internet Explorer is not officially supported! Try Chrome or Firefox. Does not solve the issue? Maybe we updated the Javascript files, please clear your browser cache and reload a few times (especially Chrome caches a lot).

The synchronization is not working, what can I do?

We are sorry that you experience this issue. Please double check, if you are able to connect to the NetIO website with the smartphone browser. If this is possible, contact us for further investigations.
However, you can always do a manual update of your configuration.

For manual synchronization, connect your device to your PC/Mac.
Then download the configuration with the 'download' button in the UI-Designer.
On Android devices copy the .json file to your SD-card to the netio folder (there should be a already default.json)
For iOS devices, open iTunes, go to the app view und use iTunes Filesharing to add the .json file to the NetIO application.
Restart the application and open the configuration menu, now you can use your configuration!

My device is not in the device-list!

The list of devices is crawled from Wikipedia, Comparison of Android devices. If your device does not show up in my list, that means it is not mentioned in the wikipedia article.

Just select another device with the same screen resolution. The device attribute is only used for the UI-Designer to determine the resolution. You can also define the resolution in the upper right corner of the viewport in the UI-Designer directly.

Or you add your device into the wiki page (with screen resolution in the same format as the others) and contact me to recrawl the list.

The app does not connect!

Please take a look at the following things:

  • is the smartphone in the same network like the hardware?
  • can you connect with safari? (only interesting if you are using a http connection)
  • check IP and Port setting in the “General” - Tab in the UI-Designer
  • the name of the specified connection (in “General”-Tab) must be the same as in the “Page”-Tab. All items on a page use the connection defined in the page attributes, if they do not have their own ‘connection’ attribute

Try to connect to the hardware without the app, use telnet or netcat and connect from your laptop or pc.

Items are grayed out and not responding

The app has no connection to the specified connection. Check your connection setting as described in the previous section.

Every item can have its own ‘connection’ attribute. Be sure, that the name in these attributes are identical to the ‘name’ attribute of a connection.

Items are ‘flashing’ and turn on/off every few seconds

This usually means, that the app successfully connected over the specified connection, then tries to send a command (e.g. initialsend or read commands) and then waits for the needed response. If the app does not receive a response within the timeout (which can be changed in the connection configuration), it reconnects. This reconnect means terminating the tcp connection, turning off the items, establishing a connection and then turning on the items again.

Make sure that every command which is sent by the app will result in a response being sent back to the app. The TCP-Acknowledge package is not enough, the app needs an explicit response string, even if it does not display this response.

Is there a landscape mode for Android devices or the iPhone?

iPhone does not support the landscape orientation. All Android devices and iPads do have this option in the 'General'-Tab of the UI-Designer.

Is there a way to add custom background images?

Yes, the background attribute for pages defines a custom image which will be rendered into the background of the according page. The image itself must be stored on the SD-Card in the folder 'backgrounds' (Android) or copied through iTunes Filesharing (iOS). For example: 'background' : 'mybackground.png'.

How can I add images?

To add an image to a page, add a Label and define the 'background' attribute. If this attribute is an image name (i.e. myimage.png), the app will load this from the sd-card or iTunes Filesharing.

What username/password do I need to enter in the App?

To enable online configuration synchronization, please create an account in the UI-Designer (Register). Once you have an account, enter these credentials in the app and hit the sync button.

I get a ‘not licensed’ error on my Android device!

Sometimes this error occurs, when something went wrong with the Google licensing service. If you really bought the app, please clear the App Cache.
Settings -> Apps -> NetIO Controller -> clear cache and delete data
Sometimes just deleting and reinstalling the app helps, too.

How do I add a delay to a command sequence?

If you have a list of commands, you can insert a delay between them with having a special command "__wait 1000" (with two underscores). The number are miliseconds (so the example will wait 1 second). There is no limit for the time.

Error descriptions

It might happen, that an item shows one of the following error messages.

ERR1 command queue is full, the maximum length of the command queue is 80 commands. After that, the connection will return an immediate response containing ERR1
ERR2 something went wrong while processing parseResponse and formatResponse, check your regular expressions
ERR3 item using an http connection cannot connect to host, check connection settings
ERR4 a response ended with .png but the item was not able to find the image on SD-Card or iTunes Filesharing

How can I implement a momentary switch? (German 'Taster')?

Use the 'sends' attribute for ON and the 'release' attribute for OFF. This way, the user can define the length of the impulse. If you just need an impulse you can also use a list of commands with a delay inbetween.