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Model Railway Switch Control with Status Acknowledgment


  • Erstellt am 6. April 2015
Hi All, this movie to demonstrate an easy to realize Model Railway switch (or any other decive) control to be operated simultaneously via Windows and Android. In this example relais technology is used to drive EPL (LGB) switches. The relais are controlled by a Raspberry Pi Master Computer (PLCs are hooked up the relais). More than 250 Smartphones and/or PCs or Locos can log into the WiFi LAN Modelrailway network. All user device displays will show the same switch status as the relais will acknowledge their position to the network coupled Smarphones or PCs (Bidirectional communication by WiFi with Device Feedback). Many switches of a Yard Turnout System can be easily clusterd in the GUI and therefore moved by your single fingertip! BlueStacks is used to emulate Android in Windows 7 environment. The Android GUI is based on the NETIO Framework (a State of the Art "IoT" - control system) Have fun!


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