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raspberry pi sprinkler controller with perl


This is a simple starting json file and perl program to echo out the commands sent from net IO. It is the start of a larger project to run a sprinkler system at my house. I didn't see a lot of perl examples with the net IO setup, so I thought this might be useful for those that want to use perl


The json file has sliders to send information to the perl script. Data can also be queried back for the status, and there is a switch to force the relay on for a certain zone.

The attached perl program will receive the udp packets and echo them to the screen

To run on a raspberry pi you can execute from the autostart directory


and edit the auto.desktop file

add a line like exec = lxterminal -e /home/pi/

remember to make the perl script execute-able with chmod ug+x or similar command

A few other notes
I was working on this with the Iphone and laptop and found a couple of other usefull programs to work with as well.

For the PC to see if the packets are moving you can try a program called packet sender. It will listen to udp and tcp and will allow an echo response. You can find at

Also on the Iphone there is a nice utility called “Finger” to see what is connected to the net if you want to check on your raspberry pi address from your Iphone.

When you want to see if data is going to and from your Iphon there is another program called “UDP tool” which is similar to packet sender but lets you see the data on your phone.