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Domoticz© Home Automation


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Domoticz© is a very nice, flexible open and free HomeAutomation SW working on Windows and Linux environment. The GUI is available via a browser. For fast access, quick overview on main functions and values I added a nice simple second GUI using the APP NETIO/Controller All commands are send as http:// to the Domoticz© system on a Raspberry Pi.


Domoticz© webpage is present here:
The SW can there be downloaded. Enter the forum for questions and check the wiki pages for more.
I'm using a RaspberryPi Type B, a 16GB SD card for program and data-base. Commands are send via the RFXCOM transceiver ( ) in the 433MHz band. So all units must work in the 433MHz band and have to be supported by Domoticz and the transceiver.
Mainly I'm using INTERTECHNO devices and TFA temperature/humidity transmitter. A second Raspberry Pi is configured as slave and connected to the master via PowerLan. This one controls the garage door and repeats with temperature and door status messages.
Using an API from weather underground ( ) it's possible to integrate weather status in Domoticz©. Also using an API from PROWL ( ) notifications can be send to an iPhone (Android is possibel via a different APP ) like, DOOR OPENED and so on also if the iPhone is off.
Meanwhile also controlling of APPLAMP is supported ( ).
Some pictures are attached.

Also it's possible to add any other system to the NetIO GUI which is not implemented in Domoticz©. Just add an additional connection in the UI Designer. So one GUI for all devices.