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New Domains

Hi there! We have registered and and moved to a faster server.


Server Disc

Hey everybody, yesterday the server was running out of disc space and it was not possible to store configurations anymore. Thanks to the new server in the cloud, I was able to increase the size without any issues. 

Let me know if you still have issues accessing the UI-Designer



Robotiklabor Podcast

The Robotiklabor interviewed us at the Maker Faire Hannover. Watch Davids NetIO interview on youtube (german)!


Clear The Cache!

Hey guys, I did some more updates to the UI-Designer. If you encounter any issues, please clear your browser Cache and reload the page... !!!


Maker Faire Hannover

Auch dieses Jahr sind wir wieder auf der Maker Faire in Hannover dabei! Ihr findet uns auf Platz 27 und freuen uns über jeden Besucher.  See you then!


New Website Design

Hi everybody,

we redesigned the NetIO website! Better navigation, better presentation of user projects, better user management and easier navigation are the outcome. We are still improving it, and in the meantime: enjoy your stay, we hope you like it!