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Sunsetting NetIO App

Hi everyone,

after a long and exciting journey of the NetIO apps, we decided to officially stop any maintenance and support activity at the end of 2021. We had a really great time seeing the project grow and getting to know all of your projects and ideas you put into practice. Thank you for all your passion and dedication!

When we started NetIO, the DIY and home automation community was very different - mobile phones were just entering the market and web technologies were evolving fast. Only with the support of you we were able to build a product that helped thousands of projects to get a remote control.

We build NetIO during our studies as a side project and followed different projects and employments in the last years - we didn't forget NetIO on this way, but we need to admit that our time is limited and we cannot donate our free time to this project anymore. From a financial perspective, the revenue was mainly invested in the infrastructure to keep the system up and running. We spend quite some time on iterating over the business model and the options to take NetIO to the next level - to bring it from a DIY community project to a real business - but we couldn't find a proper model that would fit.

Further, the core implementation is. over 10 years old and to keep up with the fast changing technologies, we would need to spend more and more time and resources to maintain the system.

We hope you enjoyed the ride as we did and wish you all the best!
David & Jonas

Hard facts:
- Apps are not available in the AppStores as of now
- all apps that have been downloaded, can still be used - until they are not compatible with the OS anymore
- Servers will run and maintained for another year until end of 2021 - after that, anything can happen
- in addition to the online editor (connected to our servers) you can always use the JSON file to edit your configuration and load it to the device manually


Sunsetting NetIO

Please read latest blog post



Wir sind dieses Jahr mit der Luvago GmbH mit einem Stand auf der CeBIT - Halle 11 Stand B40. Wir freuen uns auf euch!



Hi there, long time no updates on the NetIO apps. We just submitted a new iOS version and released a new Android version in the last weeks.. the iPad version is now similar to the phone version. The next Android update is already in development!
The iOS app dropped support for iOS 5/6 and added compatibility with the new screen sizes - also we refactored everything and merged the iPad and iPhone code.


Maker Faire

Meet us at the Maker Faire Hannover on June 6th and 7th! We are happy to meet you in person.


Update Fehler

There is an issue with HTTP connections in the newest iOS update. I already submitted a new update - it will be available soon!

In the meantime you can write "GET " just in front of the url to use the new url syntax.



The iOS app just got updated and has some nice new features! Textfield input, Colorpicker and switching pages with your own buttons or responses from the hardware. There is an issue on HTTP connections - a new update is on the way.


Spring is coming!

Hi there, we hope that all your projects helped you getting through the winter! Now, it is time to prepare for the hot days. Control fans, window shades, curtains.. or even a BBQ thermostat? Good luck!


Happy New Year!

We hope you had wonderful christmas holidays! We finally added the colorpicker and the text input items - thanks a lot for your patience. They are available for Android, iOS is following very soon.

Enjoy new years eve and have a great year 2015! We are happy to see all your projects growing.

Best regards


Weekend Special!

Winter is coming! And to kick-off some nice projects for the cold days, we dropped the price to 2,69 Euro for the weekend. Grab your ideas and create some cool remote controlled stuff!

Don't forget to show it on the projects page!