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NetIO can connect to every TCP/UDP or HTTP server. Here are two examples that work well and can be used as a starting point for your project. Python programs run on almost all Operating Systems such as OSX, Linux or Windows.


An easy way to start is using the python script . (3,7 KB)


This tutorial sets up a simple Java socket server and connects the NetIO App to this server. You do not need any hardware for this! (This server is used in the introduction video on the start page)

1. Prepare

Make sure you have the latest Java JDK installed on your and download the

2. Build

Go to the folder you saved the file and run javac in your terminal. A file called "VerySimpleServer.class" will be created.

3. Run

Type "java VerySimpleServer 54321" into your terminal. The server starts on port 54321.

4. Configure the App

Open the helloworld.json in the UI-Designer and edit the host name (ip address) in the connection. You find these attributes in the "general" tab.

The host attribute should be the name or the ip of your computer you started the server.

5. Test and Run

Start the app and hit the "Hello World"-Button. The server should show the received command in the terminal. Now you are free to extend the code to control your PC!