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I found a nice project on (german) which uses the NetIO app with an arduino board. All needed files are downloadable on this site.

Another arduino project can be found at

Also, a user submitted a working socket sketch which concentrates on reading values from arduino since a lot of users had difficulties with this. It can be downloaded here. This demo comes with a sample configuration. Many thanks!

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I connected the arduino with a copperhead wifi shield and implemented a small demo with an RGB LED.

Download the Sketch and try it out with the according Arduino Configuration in the UI-Designer. For the sketch to work, you also need the WiShield library

There are a lot of different wifi and ethernet shields out there. Please note, that they all use different libraries. The sketch might look completely different with another shield.

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HTTP on Arduino

Since some user experience problems with the socket approach, I uploaded another Arduino HTTP Sketch which implements a simple webserver. Test the sketch with calling URLs in your browser (i.e. "http://arduino:80/?red=1" to turn LED on) and then open the according Arduino HTTP Configuration in the UI-Designer to test with the NetIO App.