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Shutdown Linux Machine

#1 Nov. 30, 2013 13:13:28 by exbibe

Shutdown Linux Machine


I bought the NETIO - IOS - APP for controlling my ELRO Sockets over my Rapberry. This works very fine. Now I've installed the VERYSIMPLEJAVASERVER on my Linux - PC (not the raspberry), because I'd like to have the possibility to shutdown the machine over an Button. I can do the “Hello” command, but everything I tried, like shutdown -r or stuff doesn't work. Are there specific commands to let my linux shutdown, oder is such a function not possible?

Thanks for your patience and your answers and excuse my english :-)



Editiert exbibe (Nov. 30, 2013 16:42:31)

#2 Dez. 1, 2013 19:33:23 by david.eickhoff

Shutdown Linux Machine

I guess this has nothing to do with the netio app.. the server just needs to have this functionality and I think it should be possible to shutdown a system from an application. Keep in mind that once it is shut down, the tcp server is off too, so the connection will be terminated..

#3 Dez. 3, 2013 23:54:39 by exbibe

Shutdown Linux Machine

Ok, thanks a lot,

I have tried an other solution. I've installed an other server, so I can now shutdown the PC. It was the Java server I think.